Deployment Logs

When you deploy a SuiteCloud Development Framework project (also referred to as a SuiteCloud project) to the target NetSuite account, an installation log is created and uploaded to the account.

You can review and download installation logs from the Deployment Audit Trail page of the NetSuite account. This page is located under Customization > SuiteCloud Development.

The installation log is a step-by-step progress report that includes the following information:


Server-side validation is always performed prior to a deployment. For more information about validation, see SuiteCloud Development Framework Project Validation.


You cannot deploy custom NetSuite objects from account customization projects if the objects are locked in the target NetSuite account. You also cannot use account customization projects to add subrecords to locked record types. For more information about locked record types, see Locking Custom Objects in an SDF SuiteApp Project and Locking Objects in Customization Bundles.

For information about deploying a SuiteCloud project using:

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