Advanced HTML/PDF Templates as XML Definitions

SuiteCloud Development Framework (SDF) supports advanced PDF/HTML templates that can be associated with transaction forms. The advancedpdftemplate SDF custom object can be used to develop advanced PDF/HTML templates in a SuiteCloud project. You can create new SDF custom objects, or import existing objects into your SuitCloud project using SuiteCloud IDE plug-in or SuiteCloud CLI.

There are two components to advanced PDF/HTML templates in a SuiteCloud project:

To deploy advanced PDF/HTML templates to a target NetSuite account, enable the Advanced PDF/HTML Templates feature. For more information, see Enabling the Advanced PDF/HTML Templates Feature.

For information about creating or editing advanced PDF/HTML templates, see the following:

Validating Advanced HTML/PDF Templates in an XML Definition

Consider the following information when validating advancedpdftemplate SDF custom objects:

  • The advancedpdftemplate SDF custom object file name requires the prefix custtmpl, for example custtmpl_paymentvoucher.xml.

  • The template definition file name must be of the form scriptID.template.xml, where scriptID is the script ID of the advancedpdftemplate object and also the object file name without the file extension. For example, custtmpl_paymentvoucher.template.xml is the template definition for the SDF custom object custtmpl_paymentvoucher.xml. The template definition file is located in the same objects folder as the advancedpdftemplate SDF custom object file.

  • The ADVANCEDPRINTING feature must be added to the manifest as a required feature.

  • The contents of the template definition file, including form print and email template fields, are not validated. Ensure the correct type of template is specified in those fields. For information about templates, see Reviewing Available Advanced Templates and Advanced Templates Customization in the Template Editor.

  • The form transaction type must match the advanced PDF template transaction type.

  • The savedsearch criteria are not validated.

  • Ensure there is only one PDF template within the project that has the preferred field set to T per template type. If there are multiple PDF templates of the same type with the preferred field set to T, they will override each other in sequence because only one per type can be the preferred type.

  • If the PDF template is for a custom transaction type, no deployment error is returned when the account is not specified for that transaction type. Under those conditions, an error is displayed when that PDF template is later opened in the NetSuite UI. To avoid the error, specify the account for the custom transaction type in the NetSuite UI prior to opening the PDF template.

Advanced HTML/PDF Template XML Definition Example

The following is an example of an advancedpdftemplate SDF custom object that customizes a payment voucher PDF/HTML template:

            <advancedpdftemplate scriptid="custtmpl_100_1326288_617" standard="STDTMPLPAYMENTVOUCHER">
    <description>This template is used for payment vouchers.</description>
    <title>Custom Payment Voucher PDF/HTML Template</title>


The advancedpdftemplate SDF custom object example has the file name custtmpl_paymentvoucher.xml. The SDF custom object requires a template definition file with the file name custtmpl_paymentvoucher.template.xml, which contains the HTML code that defines the advanced HTML/PDF template. The content of custtmpl_paymentvoucher.template.xml is beyond the scope of this example, but can be based on the customization of the Standard Payment Voucher PDF/HTML Template, which is a standard advanced PDF/HTML template in NetSuite.

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