Advanced Templates Customization in the Template Editor

To customize your advanced template, you can use the WYSIWYG template editor provided, or you can enter source code markup. For more information about editing, see WYSIWYG Editing in the Template Editor and Source Code Editing in the Template Editor.


Some customization options such as adding a bar code or sublist data to your advanced template must be done by editing the source code. For more information, see Source Code Editing to Customize Advanced Templates.

NetSuite provides a WYSIWYG template editor where you can review the formatting and contents of standard advanced templates, and edit them to create custom advanced templates. You drag items to move them around on the template.

The template editor supports current industry standards for HTML-based editing, including rich text editing and HTML markup source editing. For more details, see:


The template editor uses FreeMarker-based syntax. For more information, see the FreeMarker documentation.

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