Custom Dataset Objects

A custom dataset object in SuiteCloud Development Framework (SDF) is derived from a custom workbook. It contains the source data that is associated with a workbook object, and should be imported into your SuiteCloud project along with that workbook object. SDF only supports associating workbooks with custom dataset objects.

The following is an example of a dataset object that was imported from NetSuite:

          <dataset scriptid="custdataset_transaction">
    <name>Transaction Workbook</name>


The scriptid attribute and name element of the dataset object are derived from its associated workbook object. These two objects share the same script ID suffix. For example, the custdataset_transaction dataset object is associated with a custworkbook_transaction workbook object.

The dependencies structure of the dataset object may contain multiple dependency elements. Each dependency can reference one of several custom objects that are supported by SDF, including custom transaction types, custom segments, custom record types, and various custom fields. Custom dependency references are required if the source data relies on them.

The definition structure contains character data that is related to the source data from the workbook.


Do not modify the contents of the definition structure or its character data. Modifications may corrupt the dataset when you deploy the modified object to a target NetSuite account.

You should use NetSuite to modify custom workbooks rather than using SDF to modify dataset objects. After you save your changes in NetSuite and re-import the dataset into your SuiteCloud project, the dataset object gets updated safely and automatically.

For more information about dataset objects, see dataset.

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