Subtabs as XML Definitions

Create and manage subtabs for transaction, entity, CRM, and item records in SuiteCloud Development Framework (SDF). You can model a subtab definition in a SuiteCloud project and deploy the project to a target NetSuite account. You can either create new subtabs in your project or import existing subtabs from a NetSuite account. For more information about working with subtabs in a NetSuite account, see Creating Custom Subtabs.

A subtab object is used to organize custom fields on your transaction, entity, CRM, and item records. When you create a custom subtab, you must assign it a custom field. For each custom subtab, you can define an existing subtab as the parent subtab. This parent-child definition enables you to include an additional layer of information for your subtab categories.

A subtab object is comprised of the following:

Your custom subtab appears on custom transaction forms when deployed to an account. The following is an XML definition example of a custom Transaction subtab. When deployed to an account, a subtab called Accounts is displayed under Tabs in your custom transaction form:

          <subtab scriptid="custtab_accounts">






To create a custom subtab for a different tab type, follow the example above, but replace the tab type with an Entity, Item, or CRM record. When deployed to an account, the subtab is displayed under Subtabs in your custom entry form.

You can create custom entry and transaction forms in both SDF and NetSuite. For more information, see Creating Custom Entry and Transaction Forms.

For the full list of available fields in the SDF custom objects mentioned in this topic, see the following topics:

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