Creating Custom Subtabs

Custom subtabs are used to organize custom fields on your transaction, entity, CRM, and item records. You should first create custom subtabs and then assign any custom fields to the custom subtabs. For each custom subtab, you can define an existing subtab as the parent subtab. This parent-child definition enables you to include an additional layer of information for your subtab categories.


For custom subtabs to appear on a record, you must assign a field to the subtab.

To create a custom subtab:

  1. Go to Customization > Forms > Subtabs > New.

  2. In the Script ID field, enter a unique alphanumeric ID for the custom subtab. For more information about best practices and naming conventions, see Conventions for Naming Custom Objects. For information about changing an existing ID, see Changing the ID of a Custom Object.

  3. From the Type list, select the type of record for which you want to create the subtab.

  4. If applicable, from the Parent list, select the parent subtab.

  5. In the Title field, enter a name for the subtab.

  6. Click Save.

Now, when you create a custom field, you can select your new subtab in the Subtab field. After you assign the custom field to the subtab, the subtab then displays on the record.

You can also create a new subtab by clicking New on the Custom Subtabs list page, or you can create new subtabs from the Custom Subtabs page. For more information, see Creating a Subtab from the Custom Subtabs Page.

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