Custom Sublists

You can add a custom sublist to any transaction or entry form, including forms for custom record types. Custom sublists use results from a selected saved search of the form record type or a related record type. The custom sublists use the saved search results to present information related to the record you are viewing. The following are examples:

The creation of custom sublists is controlled by the Custom Sublists permission. You can assign this permission to a custom role on the Setup subtab of the role record.

Custom Sublists are supported in SuiteCloud Development Framework (SDF). SDF is a development framework that you can use to create SDF SuiteApps, or to customize NetSuite accounts, using an integrated development environment (IDE) on your local computer. SuiteCloud projects are file-based and use XML definitions of custom NetSuite objects, see SDF Custom Object and File Development in SuiteCloud Projects.

You can use the Copy to Account feature to copy an individual custom sublist to another of your accounts. Each custom sublist page has a clickable Copy to Account option in the upper right corner. For information about Copy to Account, see Copy to Account.

For details about creating saved searches to be used as custom sublists and applying custom sublists to records, see:

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