Saved Searches for Custom Sublists

To be used for a custom sublist, a saved search must have at least one list/record type field defined as an available filter. Custom sublist results are joined to the form record based on this field's values. That is, the first item listed on the Available Filters subtab of the saved search must be a list/record type. The custom sublist results that are displayed on each form have the same value for the available filter field as the record currently displayed on the form.

For example, in a saved search for a transactions sublist on a customer record, you could set an available filter of Name (the customer name) so that all transactions for the customer show in the sublist.

For details about available filters, see Selecting Available Filters for Saved Searches.

Be aware of the following when you choose a field to be the available filter for a custom sublist search:

To create a saved search:

  1. Go to Reports > Saved Searches > New Saved Search. Click the record type you want to display in the custom sublist.

    The results of this search should include the information you want to show on your sublist.

    For information about creating saved searches, see Defining a Saved Search.

  2. Enter a name for the search.

  3. Set criteria for the search.

  4. On the Available Filters subtab, add at least one available filter to the search, and ensure that the first filter listed is a List/Record type. Otherwise, the saved search is not available to assign as a sublist.

    You can attach a saved search as a sublist only if the search has at least one available filter. The sublist shown is filtered by the first filter listed on the saved search. Be sure that the search and the filter both apply to the record you are attaching the sublist to.

    For information about setting available filters, see Selecting Available Filters for Saved Searches.

  5. Click Save.

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