SuiteCloud Development Framework Tutorial

This tutorial is intended as a starting point to familiarize yourself with the development process for SuiteCloud Development Framework (SDF).

In this tutorial, you create a sample account customization project using the SuiteCloud Extension for Visual Studio Code or the SuiteCloud IDE Plug-in for WebStorm that includes the following components:

The custom record is created from an XML template that includes one custom text field. In this project, you create a user event script object that sets a default value for the text field each time the custom record loads in the UI. You also set up a script record and a script deployment record for this script.

The following table describes the tutorial steps. Each step builds on the previous step, so you must complete them in order.



Step One: Set Up a NetSuite Account (Administrator Only)

Enable the SuiteCloud Development Framework feature on the target NetSuite account.

Step Two: Set Up Your IDE Environment

Set up your IDE and SuiteCloud IDE for use with SuiteCloud projects.

Step Three: Create an Account Customization Project

Create and set up a new SuiteCloud project in SuiteCloud IDE.

Step Four: Create a Custom Record Definition

Set up an XML definition of a custom record object.

Step Five: Create a User Event Script

Use SuiteScript 2.x to create a user event script.

Step Six: Create a Script Record and Script Deployment Definition

Set up an XML definition of a script deployment object that deploys the user event script.

Step Seven: Validate and Deploy the SuiteCloud Project to a Target NetSuite Account

Validate SuiteCloud project to ensure that there are no errors, and then deploy it to a target account.

Step Eight: Test the SuiteCloud Project in the Target NetSuite Account

Verify that the SuiteCloud project was deployed to the target account and functions correctly.

This tutorial assumes that you have Administrator access to the target account, and familiarity with SuiteScript 2.x and JavaScript concepts. For more information about SuiteScript 2.x, see SuiteScript 2.x and SuiteScript Versioning Guidelines.


See the Related Topics sections in each step to get more information about the concepts or properties.

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