Set Up a NetSuite Account (Administrator Only)

The following steps show you how to enable the SuiteCloud Development Framework (SDF) feature in a target NetSuite account.


Development accounts can be used with SDF. For information about who can benefit from using development accounts and how to get one, see Uses for Development Accounts.

To set up a NetSuite account:

  1. Enable SuiteCloud Development Framework and feature dependencies in the target NetSuite account.

    For more information, see Enabling SuiteCloud Development Framework in the Target NetSuite Account (Administrator Only).

  2. Assign a customized Developer role to employees that should use SDF. All remaining steps in this tutorial should be performed using the Developer role instead of the Administrator role.

    For more information, see Assigning the Developer Role (Administrator Only) and Assigning Roles to an Employee.

Continue to Step Two: Set Up Your IDE Environment.

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