Integration Records as XML Definitions

SuiteCloud Development Framework (SDF) supports referencing integration records from a SuiteCloud project by defining the integration SDF custom object. The integration record itself is not stored in the SuiteCloud project. Instead, the integration record is represented by an integration SDF custom object. The scriptid attribute in an integration SDF custom object acts as a unique identifier for the integration record in SDF SuiteApps. This ID provides a way to auto-install the integration record in a NetSuite account as part of the SDF SuiteApp installation, and remove the integration record when the SDF SuiteApp is uninstalled. For more information about the scriptid attribute, see integration. For information about auto-installation, see Auto-Installation of Integration Records.


You cannot create an integration record using SDF. The integration SDF custom object represents the integration record by its scriptid attribute value, but the SDF custom object does not contain any fields or data. To create an integration record in a NetSuite account, see Creating an Integration Record.

When deploying an SDF project (or installing an SDF SuiteApp) that contains an integration SDF custom object, a validation error is not returned when an integration record with that script ID already exists in the target account. Instead, the integration record is not deployed (or installed) to the target account because it already exists and does not need to be created.

The following example defines an integration SDF custom object that references the script ID for an integration record:

          <integration scriptid="custinteg_9f89c84a669f">


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