Key Performance Indicators Portlet

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) provide summaries of your forecast, pipeline, orders, cases, and financial data right on your dashboard. Each KPI compares data based on reports over different time ranges. You can use standard KPIs or create custom KPIs based on saved searches.

To add a Key Performance Indicators portlet to your dashboard:

  1. Click Personalize in the upper right corner of your dashboard or use Personalize Dashboard in the Settings portlet.

  2. On the Standard Content tab of the Personalize Dashboard palette, click the Key Performance Indicators icon or drag it onto the dashboard.

    KPIs portlet icon
  3. To configure the KPIs to be displayed, click Set Up in the portlet menu.

For more information about KPIs, see Key Performance Indicators. To learn how to set up custom KPIs, see Custom KPIs.

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