Custom KPIs

NetSuite provides over 75 standard KPIs that you can display in a dashboard's Key Performance Indicators portlet, or use for calculations in a KPI scorecard. These standard KPIs provide quick summaries of standard NetSuite report data and enable you to drill down into the full reports for more detail.

You may have other important data that you would like to display as a KPI on your dashboard, that is not available from standard reports. In this case, you can find a preexisting saved search that compiles this data or create a new saved search for this purpose.

For information, see:

After you have identified an appropriate saved search, you can define it as a data source for a custom KPI.

For a saved search to be used as a custom KPI that displays results for multiple date ranges in the Key Performance Indicators portlet, a KPI scorecard, a trend graph, or a KPI meter, the search definition must meet the following requirements:

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