Trend Graphs

The dashboard trend graphs can be used to illustrate the differences in data over time for up to three KPIs.

Monthly Estimated Commission Trend graph

Trend graphs offer choices to display data in Area, Line, Bar, or Column charts, and to use continuous or side-by-side comparisons. You can click thumbnails to shift among these choices.

Area, Line, Bar, and Column charts and continuous and side by side comparisons

You can also use the dropdown list to set the time period for trend graph data.

A dropdown list of the time period for the trend graph data

When you roll over a point in a trend graph, its value displays:

Monthly Sales (Orders) Trend graph

Trend graphs are available in two display modes: popup trend graphs and trend graph portlets. You can set layout options for both types of trend graphs. Both also offer options to print charts, to download charts to PNG, JPG, PDF, and SVG files, and to export chart data to CSV files.

For more information, see the following topics:

Displaying Popup Trend Graphs

Popup trend graphs are available from clickable Trend Graph icons in the Key Performance Indicators portlet and the KPI Scorecard portlet.

Trend Graph icon on a KPI Scorecard portlet

When you click a Trend Graph icon, a popup trend graph displays data.

A popup trend graph window

Displaying Trend Graph Portlets

You can add up to five trend graph portlets to any standard or custom dashboard, by clicking Trend Graphs icons in the Personalize Dashboard panel or dragging them onto the dashboard. Each trend graph portlet includes a Set Up link that you can click to set display options for that trend graph only. For more information, see Setting Up Trend Graph Portlets. Additional menu options enable you to print the trend graph chart, to download it to a PNG, JPG, PDF, or SVG file, and to export chart data to a CSV file.

Menu options on a Trend Graph portlet

Displaying Custom KPI Results in Trend Graphs

For more information, see Custom KPIs.

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