Setting Up KPI Comparisons

A variety of date ranges are available for KPI comparisons. Many additional date ranges and period ranges are available for comparisons in KPI scorecards.

To set up KPI comparisons:

  1. Click Set Up in your Key Performance Indicators portlet’s menu.

  2. In the Set Up Key Performance Indicators popup, if the KPI is not displayed, click Add Standard KPIs or Add Custom KPIs , select the KPI, and click Done.

  3. In the Range column for the KPI, choose the first period of time for which data should be included in the KPI.

  4. Check the box in the Compare column.

  5. In the Compare Range column, choose the second time period for which data should be included in the KPI (and compared with the first period's data).

  6. Repeat steps 2 through 5 for each indicator that you want to include a comparison.

  7. Click Save.

After these setup steps, the KPI in your Key Performance Indicators Portlet now displays columns for the current period's metric, the previous period's metric, and the percentage change.

If you have set up a comparison for custom KPI and results are not displaying properly, the saved search on which the custom KPI is based may not satisfy related requirements. The saved search definition must:

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