Defining Summary Types to Roll Up Search Results

The Results subtab for an advanced or saved search includes a summary type column where you can define how to roll up, or group, data. When you define one or more summary types, a search returns a summary results page, where you can drill down to each group of results.

Any field that does not have the same name listed in search criteria field listing (Criteria subtab > Standard subtab) will not be available for drilldown when grouped in Results subtab > Columns subtab.

The results pages where you drill down, by clicking links on the summary results pages, do not include their own subtotals. To add these subtotals on drilldown results pages, check the Show Totals box on the Results subtab. See Showing Totals in Search Results.

There is a special case where you can use a Minimum or Maximum summary type to minimize or maximize the value for a second field, rather than the results field, to return a value for the results field where another field value is minimal or maximal. In this case, this other field should be selected as the When Ordered By Field. See Using When Ordered By Field for Search Results.

For more information, see Summary Type Descriptions and Summary Type Example Screenshots.


To use a saved search as a custom KPI that displays results for multiple date ranges, you must have only one field with a summary type defined. For additional requirements for this type of custom KPI, see Notes on Using Saved Searches as Custom KPIs.

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