Defining an Advanced Search

An advanced search page includes a Criteria subtab where you can define filters for searches, and a Results subtab where you can define display options for search results.

To run an advanced search:

  1. Go to Reports > New Search and choose the type of records you want to find.

  2. Select the Use Advanced Search box to switch to advanced search.

  3. Define the Criteria filters. See Advanced Search Criteria Filters.

  4. Define the Results display options. See Search Results Display Options.

  5. After you have defined criteria and results display options for an advanced search, you can:

    • Click Submit to run the search and display a list of results.

      After you have submitted the search, you can export the results as .csv, .xls, or .pdf files that you can save to disk or open on your desktop. For more information, see Exporting Search Results.

    • Click Reset to clear the criteria and results options you defined.

    • Click Personalize Search to display a page where you can define results columns and available filters for a personalized search form.

    • Click Create Saved Search to display a page where you can save and modify a search that includes the filters you defined.

      To learn more about saved searches, see Saved Searches.

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