Exporting Search Results


You can use SuiteAnalytics Workbook to query your Netsuite data using the analytics data source, which offers advanced query capabilities. For more information about SuiteAnalytics Workbook and how you can recreate your existing saved searches to workbooks, see the following topics:

You can export most NetSuite search results as files that you can open in external applications. (Popup searches and their results pages do not include Export option buttons.)

Export search icons

If your account administrator enabled the Export to Tableau® Workbooks feature for your account and assigned you the Tableau Workbooks Export permission, your search results page will also contain the Export to Tableau Workbook icon Export to tableau icon. For more information, see Enabling Features and Permissions for Searches.

For results exported to a CSV or XLS file, you have the option of saving the file or opening it for immediate viewing in Microsoft® Excel. For results exported to a PDF file, the file opens immediately.

You can preserve the relational aspects of exported data by including the Internal ID as a results column in the search to be exported.

Exported search results can help to integrate NetSuite tasks with tasks you perform in different applications. For example, if you use cash sales without Advanced Shipping and ship your items to customers through UPS, you can use the search export function to transfer shipping information from NetSuite to UPS WorldShip®. You can:

If your search results pages do not include an Export button, your account administrator may not have assigned you the Export Lists and Perform Search permissions. These permissions are required for exporting search results. See Permissions for Searches.

If your search takes a long time to run, and you want to export your search results to a CSV file, consider persisting search results. For more information, see Persisting Search Results.

Exports of each saved search are recorded in its execution log. This log is available to users with at least Create level of the Publish Search permission. See Audit Trail for Saved Searches, Reports and Schedules.


Note: Users can export all address search result fields on the customer record to Excel or CSV, including the following fields: addressee, address (returns the entire address string), address1, address2, city, state, zip code, and country.

Each export format has certain advantages and limitations. NetSuite s that you become familiar with the limitations before selecting a preferred format. Choosing the wrong format can affect data accuracy and report readability. For details on all export formats and their limitation see Comparing Export Formats.

Known Excel Limitations

Be aware of the following limitations for exporting search results to Excel:

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