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You can use SuiteAnalytics Workbook to query your Netsuite data using the analytics data source, which offers advanced query capabilities. For more information about SuiteAnalytics Workbook and how you can recreate your existing saved searches to workbooks, see the following topics:

You can use NetSuite search pages to define sophisticated filtering criteria and results formatting options. Each search page is tailored to a particular record type. Search pages are accessible from a large number of menu links, including general search links on the Reports tab, and subject area-specific links on other tabs.

Each search page offers a choice of two levels:

When you click a search link, the search that opens, simple or advanced, is the one you used most recently for the selected record type. If a simple search opens, and you want to switch to an advanced search, check the Use Advanced Search box. If an advanced search opens, and you want to switch to a simple search, clear the Use Advanced Search box.

You can click the Create Saved Search button on any simple or advanced search page to open a saved search page, where you can save a search definition for reuse. Saved search includes all of the functions of advanced search, and more, including the ability to send automatic, emails of results, and to display summaries of results as key performance indicators in dashboard portlets. For more information, see Saved Searches.

Your account administrator grants general search permissions and search access, by record type, that enable you to run searches. Your level of search permissions determines whether you can email, export, and persist search results. For more information, see Permissions for Searches.

If your saved search takes a long time to run, you may consider setting up a scheduled email or persisting search results. For more details, see Enabling Saved Search Scheduled Email and Persisting Search Results.

If a field in your search results is not available to edit inline, this could mean the field is on a subtab that is hidden on the form. In this case, you must either set the subtab to display on the form or move the field to a subtab that does display on the form. For more information, see Configuring Subtabs for Custom Entry and Transaction Forms.

For a list of record types that can be searched, see Searchable Record Types.


A popup search page is available from popup select menus within individual records. This search opens either a simple or advanced search in a new popup window. A popup search does not provide all of the buttons available on other search pages. For more information, see Popup Searches.

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