Finding Invoices, Bills, Orders, and Other Transactions

Invoices, bills, orders, cash sales, and many other records are considered transactions by NetSuite. To be able to find any of these records, you need to use the Transaction search type.

To search for invoices, bills, orders, and other transactions:

  1. Go to Reports > New Search.

  2. Select Transaction as the search type.

  3. In the Type list, select the type of transaction you are looking for. You can select Invoice, Bill, Cash Sale, Purchase Order, or any other available type of transaction.

    To select multiple transaction types, hold down the Ctrl key and select the types.

  4. Define other search options, if needed.

  5. Click Submit.

Similarly, if you are defining a saved search, you can add a Type filter on the Criteria tab of your saved search and set this filter to Invoice, Bill, Purchase Order, or any other type of transaction you are looking for. To learn more about saved searches, see Saved Searches.

See also Finding Transactions.

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