Customizing Quick Search Results

You can use either of the following methods to customize your quick search results:

Using the Search Customization Page

You can access a simple search customization page by clicking the Customize button at the top of the quick search results page. The Customize button is available when all results records share the same record type and you have at least the Edit level of the Perform Search permission.

Search customization page

On this simple search customization page, you can:

Setting a Saved Search to be Used as Preferred Search Results

You can apply settings from a saved search that you own to customize your quick search results, by checking the My Preferred Search Results box, on the Results subtab of the saved search definition page.

My Preferred Search Results box.

Administrators and other users with the Publish Search permission can set a saved search's settings to customize quick search results for other users, on the Roles subtab of the saved search definition page.

The Public and Preferred Search Results boxes.

The My Preferred Search Results option for a user overrides any preferred search results set on the Roles subtab by other users.

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