Quick Find

NetSuite provides quick find capabilities from many pages, so that you can quickly find another record of the same type.

Quick Find is available when a magnifying glass icon Quick find icon is shown in a page header.

Transactions Quick Find

You can click the Quick Find icon on a transaction page to find a specific transaction, or set of transactions of the same type, based on their dates, numbers, or associated entity name.

When you click the icon, a Quick Find popup opens. In the popup, enter a name, date, transaction number, or a combination, and click Submit.

Quick Fnd popup window.

Records Quick Find

You can click the Quick Find icon on a record page to quickly search records of the same type.

When you click the icon, a popup keywords box opens. Type in keywords, and press Enter or click the Go button.

Quick Find keyword popup window.

For example, when viewing a customer record, click the Quick Find icon in the header, enter keywords in the box, and press Enter to find all customer records that match the keywords.

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