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For information specific to Not-for-Profit (NFP), see Non-Profit Financial Management.

A saved search is a reusable search definition, that can have many advanced search filters and results display options. If you have the Publish Search permission, you can share search results with other users. Saved search results provide reporting and tracking and can serve as the basis for business analysis and strategic decision-making.

You may decide you want to save a search when you are defining a search, or after you have run a search. Or you may know in advance that you want to create a saved search rather than a search. When you have decided to save a search, and you have opened a saved search page, you can define the saved search. For step-by-step instructions, see Defining a Saved Search.

As you are defining a saved search, you can specify that results be sent automatically by email to selected recipients, if you have the Publish Search permission. Email messages of search results can be sent at scheduled intervals, when results are updated, or both, without you needing to rerun the search. See Saved Search Email.

After you have defined a saved search, you and other users designated as audience members can access the search by title from NetSuite saved search menus. For information, see Accessing a Saved Search.

Each saved search has an execution log listing the users who have run or exported the saved search in the past 60 days, and the dates and times of each execution. See Auditing Saved Search Execution. An audit trail is also available for tracking changes to saved searches. See Audit Trail for Saved Searches, Reports and Schedules.

Your account administrator grants general search permissions and search access by record type that enable you to create and run saved searches. Your level of search permissions determines whether you can email, export, and persist saved search results, whether you can share saved searches with other users, and whether you can view saved search execution logs. For more information, see Permissions for Searches.

If your saved search takes a long time to run, you may consider setting up a scheduled email or persisting search results. For more details, see Enabling Saved Search Scheduled Email and Persisting Search Results. If you have the Application Performance Management SuiteApp installed in your account, you can also use the Search Performance Analysis dashboard to view search performance details. For more information, see Analyzing Search Performance.

Saved search results can be linked to and displayed from dashboard portlets:

You also can use saved searches in the following ways:

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