Advanced Search Criteria Filters

You can define advanced filtering options for advanced searches and saved searches. You select filter fields and define their values on the Criteria subtab's Standard and Summary subtabs.

Saved opportunity search example.

A standard search filter selects results based on individual records' values for a field. You can define expressions for standard search filters by checking the Use Expressions box.

If you add a field for which you do not have permission, you will see the following message, “Your formula contains a reference to a field for which you do not have a permission.”

A summary search filter selects results based on calculated summary field values for a group of records; this filter is available only if you have defined a summary type for a field on the Results tab.


If you define multiple date filters for a search, the date filter with the most recent date is used to calculate exchange rates for monetary values, no matter the order in which the date filters are specified.

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