Defining Order and Overall Formatting for Search Results

On the Results subtab for advanced and saved searches, you can set the order in which columns appear, the sort order for rows, and overall formatting for the search results page.

To set the order in which fields appear as results page columns:

  1. Select a field in the grid, and use the Move Up, Move Down, Move To Top, or Move To Bottom buttons.

  2. Click Done.

To define primary, secondary, and/or third sort fields for a search's returned records:

  1. Select fields in the Sort By and Then By dropdown lists.

  2. Check the Descending boxes to sort in reverse order, if needed.


By default, search results are sorted in the alphabetical order specific to your NetSuite language settings, but you can use the U.S. English sort order instead. To learn more about the Search Sorting option, see General Personal Preferences.


Make sure you sort using the field with the most unique values, or sort using multiple fields. Sorting with a single field that has multiple identical values can cause the result rows to be in a different order each time the search is run.

To define the format for a search results page:


The graph output type is no longer the preferred view option for reports and saved searches. To see your data in a graph, you can use the SuiteAnalytics Workbook chart capabilities instead. For more information about how to use charts in SuiteAnalytics Workbook, see Workbook Charts.

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