Phone Calls Portlet

The Phone Calls portlet enables you to see a list of upcoming phone calls. You can also view and edit individual records if you have the permission.

You can view the upcoming phone calls using the Dashboard view or the Default view. The Default view enables you to filter phone calls by status and organizer.

In both views, you can also sort phone calls by the following status: Phone Call Date, End Date, Recently Created, Recently Modified, or Recently Viewed. Additionally, you can expand the portlet to full-screen view by clicking the double arrow icon The Double Arrow icon. The full-screen view of the portlet displays more columns and rows in the search results.

Phone Calls portlet

The number of phone calls in the portlet is limited to 50. If the Inline Editing feature is enabled and you have permission, you can edit records directly in the portlet list.

For instructions on how to add the Phone Calls portlet to a page, see Adding a Portlet to a Dashboard.

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