Creating a Customer Record

The fields and subtabs on the customer record vary depending on the features enabled in your account.

For a list of the common subtabs on the customer record and links to topics about them, see Customer Record Subtabs.

To create a customer record:

  1. Go to Lists > Relationships > Customers > New.

  2. Under Primary Information, complete the following required fields:

    1. In the Custom Form field, select which form you want to use to create this record.

      This field appears only when custom forms are available and only when you are creating or editing the record.

    2. The value of the Customer ID field is automatically copied by NetSuite from the customer name to create the ID. To override the default ID, clear the Auto box and enter the ID you want to use.

    3. To choose the type of customer record you are creating, click Company or Individual in the Type field.

      Your selection determines some of the fields and subtabs on this record.

    4. To enter the name of this customer:

      • If this customer is a company, enter the name of the customer in the Company Name field,

      • If this customer is an individual, enter the name of the customer in the Name fields.

    5. Select a valid customer Status for this customer.

  3. Under Primary Information, complete the following optional fields as appropriate

    • Job Title – This field is available for customers of the type Individual.

    • Parent Company – If this is a child record of another record, select the appropriate parent record in this field.

    • Web Address – This field is available for customers of the type Company.

    • Partner – Select the partner associated with this customer.

      If you use the Multi-Partner Management feature, this field is not included. Instead, you use the Partners subtab under the Relationships subtab to associate partners with the customer. For information, see Managing Partners.

    • Category – Select an appropriate option.

    • The options for this field are configured during setup as an accounting list. For information, see Setting Up Accounting Lists.

    • Default Order Priority – Enter a number to designate the priority for this customer.

      For an example of how NetSuite uses this field, see Setting Customer Commitment Priorities.

    • Comments – Enter any other information to track for this customer.

  4. Under Email | Phone | Address, enter the customer's email address, phone, and fax numbers.

    The Address field automatically contains the default billing address you entered on the Address subtab. For more information, see Entering an Address on a Record.

  5. (NetSuite OneWorld only) Under Classification, in the Primary Subsidiary field, select the primary subsidiary to associate with this customer.

    You cannot enter transactions for this customer unless a primary subsidiary is assigned. The default primary currency for the customer is the base currency of the primary subsidiary.

    When you select this customer on a transaction, the transaction is associated with this primary subsidiary. If you use the Multi Subsidiary Customer feature, you can assign additional subsidiaries to the customer record. For information, see Assigning Additional Subsidiaries to a Customer.

  6. Add any other appropriate information in the subtabs. For information, see Customer Record Subtabs.

  7. When you finish entering information on the record, click Save.

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