Assigning a Subsidiary to an Employee

After you specify a subsidiary on an employee record, by default that employee can access only those records associated with that subsidiary.

To grant an employee access to data for additional subsidiaries, go to Setup > Users/Roles > User Management > Manage Roles. For the employee's assigned role, use the multi-select Subsidiaries list to customize the role. Press and hold the Ctrl key to select multiple subsidiaries. For more information, see Control Employee Access to Subsidiaries.


If an employee is assigned to the parent subsidiary, you cannot change the assignment. If the employee is assigned to a child subsidiary, you can change the assignment.

To reassign a subsidiary to an employee:

  1. Go to Lists > Employees > Employees, and then click the Edit link next to an employee.

  2. In the Classification section, select from the Subsidiary list, and then click Save.

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