Associate Subsidiaries With Shipping Items

In NetSuite OneWorld, you assign a shipping item to a subsidiary so that it can be used for transactions. You can associate only one subsidiary with a shipping item, but you can create multiple shipping items for the same shipping service. You can then use the shipping services across multiple subsidiaries. The shipping services respect currencies and post to the appropriate subsidiary accounts.

Shipping items for the same service have a unique Ship Name but share the same Display/Code name. Shipping items use real-time rates and shipping label integration features associated with the carrier.

For example, you have two subsidiaries, one for your operations in the United States and one for operations in Canada. You use UPS Ground service for shipping needs in both subsidiaries. Create a shipping item for each subsidiary with a Ship Name that identifies the subsidiary where it is to be used:


US Subsidiary

Canada Subsidiary

Ship Name

UPS Ground - US

UPS Ground - CA

Display Name /Code

UPS Ground

UPS Ground




When you select a customer on a transaction, only shipping items for the subsidiary attached to that customer display in the list for Shipping Method.

In the Web store, an unregistered shopper without a customer record can choose shipping items associated with the subsidiary website being viewed. When a registered customer logs in to your Web store, the shopper can see only those shipping items associated with the customer's record. For example, a shopper in Canada sees only those shipping items associated with the Canadian subsidiary.

Associate a Subsidiary With a Shipping Item

Follow the instructions for creating a shipping item at Creating Shipping Items. This procedure includes a step to select the subsidiary for the shipping item. You can select only one subsidiary for a shipping item.

Creating Multiple Shipping Items for the Same Shipping Service

Use the following procedure to create shipping items for the same shipping service.

To create multiple shipping items for the same shipping service:

  1. Edit an existing shipping item at Lists > Accounting > Shipping Items. Click Edit next to the shipping item you want to modify.

    Create a new shipping item at Lists > Accounting > Shipping Items > New.

  2. In the Ship Name field, enter an internal name for the shipping item. To identify the shipping item by subsidiary, include the subsidiary in the name, for example, UPS Ground - U.S.

  3. The Display Name/Code defaults from the shipping service you select as the real-time rate on the Shipping Rate subtab. This is the shipping method name as it appears to customers visiting your Web store. It also appears on printed invoices and in centers such as the Customer Center. You cannot modify the Display Name/Code.

  4. In the Subsidiaries field, select the subsidiary you want to offer this shipping item in.

  5. Click Save.

For information about shipping items, see Shipping Items.

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