Associate Subsidiaries With Items

In NetSuite OneWorld, the item record has additional fields that permit you to share items with several subsidiaries. For example, the Subsidiary field enables you to select one or multiple subsidiaries. To select multiple subsidiaries, press and hold the Ctrl key and select each subsidiary. You can also check the Include Children box. This options shares the item with all of the sub-subsidiaries associated with the subsidiaries selected in the Subsidiary field.


When you share items with multiple subsidiaries, the options selected on the item record must be compatible with the subsidiaries sharing the items. For example, you enter an inventory item to share with multiple subsidiaries. You must then select income and asset accounts that are assigned to those same subsidiaries.

You must associate a subsidiary with an item to add that item to a transaction related to that subsidiary. For example, you enter a sales order and select a customer associated with the Wolfe US subsidiary on the transaction. When you select an item to add to the sales order, you can add only those items associated with Wolfe US.


When you create a Gift Certificate item record, note the following. The Income Account and the Liability Account fields display a list of accounts assigned to the selected subsidiary. If you select multiple subsidiaries, only those accounts common to all of the selected subsidiaries appear in the list.

In NetSuite that is not OneWorld, when you create an item record, you can enter initial quantities on hand in each location. However, in NetSuite OneWorld, when you create an item record, you cannot enter initial quantities on hand in each location. You must first create the item record and save. Then you must enter an inventory adjustment to specify the initial quantities in each location.

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