Defining Feature Dependencies in SuiteCloud IDE Plug-in for WebStorm

When you use SDF with NetSuite features, such as SuiteScript or custom records, you must define the dependencies in the SuiteCloud project.

For more information, see Feature Dependencies for SDF Custom Objects in SuiteCloud Projects.

To automatically reference dependencies in the SuiteCloud project manifest:

  1. From the Project window in WebStorm, right-click the SuiteCloud project.

  2. Select NetSuite > Add Dependency References to Manifest.

    SDF evaluates the NetSuite feature requirements in the project and adds any new dependency references to the manifest.xml file.


    This option does not remove dependencies that are not referenced by any objects.

  3. Review the new dependency references in the manifest. If desired, change the required attribute.


The following example shows a project manifest that references dependencies on the server-side SuiteScript and custom record features. The references enable you to use these features in the project.

          <manifest projecttype="ACCOUNTCUSTOMIZATION">
            <feature required="true">CUSTOMRECORDS</feature>
            <feature required="true">SERVERSIDESCRIPTING</feature>


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