Translation Collection Object Fields in XML Definitions

In SuiteCloud Development Framework (SDF), the translationcollection SDF custom object defines the Translation Collection by including the following information:

For information about all of the available fields, see translationcollection.

Consider the following information when defining translationcollection objects:

The following example defines a translationcollection object with a user-readable name of Accommodation Collection and the scriptid identifier custcollection_accommodation:

          <translationcollection scriptid='custcollection_accommodation'>
    <name>Accommodation Collection</name>
    <description>This Translation Collection contains terms for the Hotel customization.</description>
        <string scriptid='front_desk'>
            <defaulttranslation>front desk</defaulttranslation>
            <description>The front desk of a hotel</description>
        <string scriptid='accommodation'>


In the preceding example, the object defines translated strings for a custom record that is used for hotel accommodation information. The default language is United States English, and the defaulttranslation value for each term is also in United States English. The first term is front_desk, which has a the default translation “front desk”.

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