Accessing Installed Files and Folders with Descriptive URLs

The inclusion of folder hierarchies in bundles, and resulting support of descriptive URLs, makes it possible for SuiteScripts to reference files uniformly across different accounts, instead of relying upon file internal IDs that can change from account to account. To support the use of descriptive, or true path, URLs to access bundled files in target accounts, you need to enable the Available for SuiteBundles option on the File Cabinet records for files, and their folders and subfolders.

After the bundle has been installed in a target account, the following format can be used for descriptive URLs to access bundled files:

<account ID>/suitebundle<bundle ID>/<folder>/<subfolder>/<file>.<ext> 


For example, if the target account ID is 160532, bundle ID is 11006, folder names are Documents/ProductOptions, and file name is SearchStrings.txt, the descriptive URL would be:



Guidelines for Descriptive URLs

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