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This information refers to the Elbrus release of SuiteCommerce Advanced or later.


The Quick Order feature relies on the Search API and is not available with SiteBuilder Extensions.

Commerce web sites provide a Quick Order feature for shoppers who prefer to quickly search for and add multiple items to their cart. This feature is designed for merchants who allow catalog ordering or provide wholesale products on their site. Quick Order assists shoppers who are familiar with a merchant’s catalog and want to shop for items by Stock Keeping Unit (SKU), Part Number, or other identifier.

Shoppers can access the feature by clicking a link in the header or by entering their Cart and expanding the Quick Add accordion. Here, shoppers can quickly search for, add, and remove items. Shoppers can also adjust quantities in a list format, as opposed to browsing through the web store.

Quick add

This feature is enabled by default with the Elbrus and later releases bundle of SuiteCommerce Advanced, but you must perform tasks detailed in Set Up Quick Order in NetSuite to ensure proper operation.

To disable this feature, edit the distro.json file as described in Disable Quick Order.

More Information

Before setting up the Quick Order feature on your Commerce website, understand the following information:

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