Customize Views

By default, the number of correlated and related items displayed is only limited by the number of correlated and related items you set up in NetSuite. The view displays these items within one row. However, you can change the number of correlated or related items displayed and how they are displayed by customizing the associated view files.

To specify the number of correlated or related items to display:

  1. Create a custom module that includes the following objects as dependencies, depending on the views you are customizing.

    • ItemRelations.Correlated.View – Sets the behavior of Correlated Items displayed.

    • ItemRelations.Related.View – Sets the behavior of Related Items displayed.


    Do not edit the original ItemRelations.Correlated.View.js or ItemRelations.Related.View.js source files directly. See Develop Your SCA Customization for information and best practices for customizing modules.

  2. Customize either the ItemRelations.Correlated.View or ItemRelations.Related.View.

    • To edit the number of items displayed per row, customize the appropriate view and extend the viewsPerRow property of the initialize method. Replace Infinity with the number of items you want to display.

    • To add rows displaying correlated or related items, customize the appropriate view to add the rowsCount property to the initialize method. Specify the number of rows you want to display. If you do not specify a value for rowsCount, the default is one row.

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