Assigning Currencies to Entities

An entity is a record that defines people or organizations. This topic applies to entities that can have multiple currencies.

If you use the Multiple Currencies feature, you can assign multiple currencies to a single customer or vendor record. You can add currencies to a customer or vender record at any time. This ability lets you record a transaction in the currency your customer or vendor prefers. Prospect records, which can be converted to customer records, also support multiple currencies. For information about these record types, see Lead Management.


The Multiple Currencies feature includes capabilities that were historically separate features. The Multi-Currency Customers and Multi-Currency Vendors features have been combined in the Multiple Currencies feature. If the Multi-Currency Customers and Multi-Currency Vendors features are available in your account and not enabled, your customer and vendor records can have only one currency.

NetSuite OneWorld requires that you assign entities to subsidiaries. An entity inherits the subsidiary’s currency as its primary currency. For more information, see Associate Subsidiaries with Entities and Items.

To assign currencies to an entity:

  1. Create a new entity record or edit an existing record.

    For example, go to Lists > Relationships > Customers > New to create a new record, or go to Lists > Relationships > Customers and click Edit next to an existing record.

  2. In NetSuite OneWorld, select the Subsidiary if not already selected.

  3. Click the Financial subtab.

  4. In the Primary Currency field, select the entity’s primary currency.

    By default, the system selects the entity’s company or subsidiary currency.


    If you change the primary currency, the system removes any credit limit previously set on the entity record. Credit limits vary with the exchange rates of foreign currencies.

  5. To add multiple currencies for the entity, complete the following steps:

    1. On the Currencies subtab, select another currency for use by the entity.

      If you do not have a Currencies subtab, your account has the older implementation of the Multiple Currencies feature, and multiple currencies is not enabled for the current entity. For details, see Multiple Currencies.

      For a screenshot that shows the Currencies subtab, see Customer Balances in Transaction Currencies.

    2. Click Add.

  6. To customize the currency format to be used on screen and for printed documents for a customer or prospect, complete the following steps:

    1. On the Currencies subtab, select a currency row.

    2. In the Format column, click the Edit Edit icon icon.

    3. Edit the following fields as appropriate:

      • In the Symbol field, enter a symbol for the currency. Include spaces if you want to separate the symbol from the amount.

      • For Symbol Placement, select Before Number or After Number to indicate where the currency symbol appears.

      The Format Sample field displays the currency format with your changes.

  7. Click Save.

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