Customers and Multiple Currencies

The Multiple Currencies feature lets you create transactions with customers in currencies other than your company’s base currency. When you create a customer record, you set the primary currency and additional available currencies for transactions with that customer.


The Multiple Currencies feature includes capabilities that were separate features historically. The Multi-Currency Customers feature has been combined with the Multiple Currencies feature. If Multi-Currency Customers is a separate feature in your account, the topics in this section assume that it is enabled. If Multi-Currency Customers is available in your account and not enabled, your customer records have only one currency.

The customer’s primary currency is the default currency for sales transactions. Aggregate balance information and credit limits are displayed in the primary currency.

You set currencies on the Financial subtab of the customer record. The Primary Currency field is in the Account Information section. When you save a new customer record, the primary currency is automatically added to the list of transaction currencies on the Currencies subtab. You can add as many transaction currencies you need in the Currencies subtab. There is no limit. For instructions for assigning currencies to customers, see Assigning Currencies to Entities.

When you create a sales transaction for the customer, you can choose any of the transaction currencies associated with the customer. You cannot remove a currency from a customer if transactions have been entered in that currency. For more information, see Currency on Customer Transactions.

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