Enabling Multiple Calendars

The Multiple Calendars feature applies to accounting periods and tax periods. This feature is available only in NetSuite OneWorld and is not enabled by default. The Multiple Calendars feature determines the rollup structure for tax periods. For more information, see Setting Up Tax Periods Using a Fiscal Calendar.

When the Multiple Calendars feature is enabled, you can filter accounting and tax period searches by fiscal calendar.

Before you enable Multiple Calendars, if you have any open, standalone adjustment periods you must change them to overlap existing non-adjustment periods. For more information, see Adjustment Periods.

Review the guidelines below to determine whether you should make changes to other standalone adjustment periods:

You can disable this feature only if you have not assigned any new fiscal calendars to subsidiaries.

To enable the Multiple Calendars feature:

  1. Go to Setup > Company > Enable Features.

  2. On the Accounting subtab, under Advanced Features, check Multiple Calendars.

  3. Click Save.

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