Adjustment Periods

Adjustment periods must overlap existing base (non-adjustment) accounting periods when the Multiple Calendars feature enabled.

You can set up new adjustment periods two ways:

You can post only journal entries to an adjustment period. Adjustment periods are not available in the posting period list for other posting transactions. An adjustment period is never the default posting period, even for a journal.


If you want an approved journal to post in an adjustment period, you must edit the journal, approve it, and select the adjustment period as the posting period. For more information, see Journal Entry Approval Overview.

If you use Multiple Calendars and include adjustment periods in your fiscal years, you can have more than one adjustment period in the same calendar year. Journal entries posted to an adjustment period roll up in the fiscal year to which they belong and are included in consolidated reports accordingly.


Standalone Periods

Overlapping Periods


Start Date

End Date

Start Date

E nd Date

Dec 2014





ADJ 2014





As best practice, you should lock accounting periods as part of your month-end process. After the period is locked, only users with the Override Period Restrictions permission can post transactions in the period. User with this permission can make adjusting journal entries in locked periods, which serves the same purpose many adjustment period journal entries. If you have more than one fiscal calendar, you may be able to avoid having multiple adjustment periods in the same calendar year by using adjusting journal entries. See Locking and Unlocking Accounting Periods and Locking Accounting Periods in NetSuite OneWorld.


Before you can enable the Multiple Calendars feature, all adjustment periods must be overlapping periods.

To modify an accounting period date ranges:

  1. Go to Setup > Accounting > Manage G/L > Manage Accounting Periods.

  2. Click the accounting period you want to change.

  3. Set the End Date for the period to include adjustment period date.

  4. Click Save.

Adjustment Periods without Multiple Calendars

If you are not using the Multiple Calendars feature, you can create standalone or overlapping adjustment periods. See Setting Up Accounting Periods for a Year and Setting Up Single Accounting Periods.

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