Elimination Through the Automated Intercompany Management Feature

There are two steps to eliminate intercompany transactions with Automated Intercompany Management:

  1. Enter intercompany transactions as intercompany sales invoices and vendor bills. These transactions automatically post to intercompany accounts, and have transaction lines marked as candidates for intercompany elimination.

    You can also enter advanced intercompany journal entries (AICJE) for transactions during a period, and identify the journal lines that require elimination.

  2. Run intercompany elimination to during period close to automatically generate elimination journal entries. NetSuite creates elimination journal entries for all flagged transaction and journal entry lines. NetSuite also creates auto-reversing journal entries in the next period for all flagged journal lines posted to the Intercompany Receivables and Intercompany Payables accounts.


NetSuite does not generate elimination journal entries for any AICJEs posted to future periods (periods after the period being closed).

See the following help topics for information about eliminating intercompany transactions using Automated Intercompany Management:

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