Subsidiary Budgets in OneWorld

With NetSuite OneWorld and the Multiple Budgets feature, you can create budgets and track results separately for each of your subsidiaries, including elimination subsidiaries.

When the Multiple Currencies feature is enabled, you can choose the subsidiary's base currency or the root parent subsidiary's base currency for each subsidiary budget. This capability gives subsidiary managers access to budget-related financial information in their local currency, resulting in a more straightforward analysis of financial performance.


The Multiple Currencies feature is not required to create subsidiary budgets in NetSuite OneWorld. You may choose to do all of your budgeting in a single currency. However, the companies that implement NetSuite OneWorld often operate subsidiaries in multiple countries with different currencies.

In NetSuite OneWorld with the Multiple Budgets and Multiple Currencies enabled, you can select the currency for budget amounts in your subsidiary budgets. The budget amounts may use local subsidiaries' base currencies or the base currency of the parent subsidiary.

If you set the accounting preference Enable Budget with Elimination Subsidiaries, you can also set up a budget for elimination subsidiaries. This preference is in the Budget section on the General subtab on the Accounting Preferences page at Setup > Accounting > Preferences > Accounting Preferences.

Subsidiary budgets require you to associate a budget category with each budget. Budget category values on budget records indicate whether budgeting is done at the local subsidiary level in local currency or globally using the root subsidiary's currency. You should plan and create budget categories before you begin creating budgets. The following topics are related to planning subsidiary budgeting and creating budget categories:

You can create subsidiary-specific budgets in the same manner as other budgets, by creating a new budget in NetSuite, by copying previous years' budgets or actuals, or by importing budget data from another system. For subsidiary budgets, you must be conscious of the budget category assigned for each budget and whether it is a local or global type. The budget category type indicates the currency used for the budget, local subsidiary base currency or root parent base currency.

For more information, see the following:

You can consolidate budget amounts using consolidated exchange rates or budget-specific rates. At each level in the hierarchy, NetSuite revalues amounts from the child subsidiary's currency to the next-level parent subsidiary's currency. For more information, see the following:

For information about running budget reports for subsidiaries, including choosing the subsidiary context, currency, and exchange rates, see Subsidiary-Specific Budget Reports.


An employee can view budgets only for subsidiaries with which that employee is associated.

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