Printing Deposit Slips

You can print slips for cash and check deposits. You can print a deposit slip for an individual deposit, or you can queue multiple deposit slips and print them at the same time.

Deposit slips are printed on printer paper and do not require special forms. They are printed in PDF format from your local or network printer. Visit the Adobe Web site to download the latest version at no charge.

To customize the fields on your deposit slips, go to Customization > Forms > Transaction Forms. Click the name of the deposit slip you want to customize and then complete the fields as required. For more information, see Creating Custom Entry and Transaction Forms.

You can also order deposit slips from vendor There are two layouts for the deposit slip, and both are 378L in correct alignment.


At present, you cannot customize the layout of the printed deposit slip.

Printing a Single Deposit Slip

Print a single deposit slip when you enter a deposit at Transactions > Bank > Make Deposits. After you enter all the information for the deposit, click Save & Print, and then click Print in the Adobe application.

You can also print deposit slips you entered previously. To print a past deposit slip, go to Transactions > Bank > Make Deposits > List. Click Print next to the deposit slip you want to print.

Printing Multiple Deposit Slips

If you enter multiple deposits before printing, you can print all the slips at one time. To do this, check the To Be Printed box on the Deposits page for each deposit you enter.

To print multiple deposit slips:

  1. Go to Transactions > Management > Print Checks and Forms.

  2. Click Deposits.

  3. On the Deposits page, select the Account for which you want to print deposit slips.

  4. Check the box beside each deposit you want to print, or click Mark All to print all deposits listed.

  5. Click Print.

    • If you did not enable the Download PDF Files preference on the Set Preferences page, a preview of your deposits opens in Adobe Reader.

    • If you enabled the Download PDF Files preference, you must first save your deposits and then open them with Adobe Reader.

  6. Click the Print button in Adobe Reader.

  7. If you want to print multiple copies, specify the number on the print message that appears.

  8. Click OK.

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