Download Items

You create download item records for files that you want customers to be able to purchase and download in your web store.

Customers are charged per download item as opposed to per item. For example, if you want to charge customers for music downloads per song, you would create an item for each song. If you want to charge customers per album, you would create one item and attach each song for the album.

If a download requires a license code, you can add the license code on the Downloads subtab of the customer's record. For example, a software download. When a license code is added, the code is available to the customer in the Customer Center. It can also be available on the My Account tab of your website and included in invoice email notification.

License codes are not required for purchasing or downloading. You need to supply a code only if the download includes an installation process that will prompt the customer for the code.

You can either make the file available immediately after purchase or make the download available in the Customer Center after billing is complete. If you choose to wait until billing is complete, customers are emailed a link to the Customer Center they can use to access the download.


When you sell download items with registration-free shopping, customers without a login and password cannot access downloads using the Customer Center. These customers must either purchase items available for immediate download or follow the link sent in the confirmation email when the item is billed. You should require registration in stores selling downloadable items.

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