Importing a Vendor Price List

On the Financial subtab of a Vendor record, under the Items subtab, you can list items available from that vendor and specify the vendor codes and prices for that item. You also can use CSV import to import vendor price lists from an existing comma delimited file.

If you use the Multiple Currencies feature, you can import prices for an individual item in multiple currencies.

To learn more, see Vendors and Multiple Currencies.

To import a vendor price list:

  1. Create the import file.

    The import file should contain the following fields in order, with no header row:


    For the import to succeed, each row of the CSV file must contain values separated by commas or other supported column separators, such as the semicolon, pipe, space, and tab.

    • Item Name (For initial import, the item name must be present. For later updates, it is not required as the vendor code is used to identify each item.)

    • Vendor Code (If your vendor uses a name for this item that is different from the name you use, you can enter up to 60 characters as the vendor's name for this item here.)

    • Purchase Price

    • Price Schedule (optional)

    • Currency (This field is only present if you use the Multiple Currencies feature.)


    The items listed in the file must already exist in your NetSuite account and the names must exactly match those in your account.

  2. Go to Lists > Relationships > Vendor.

  3. Click Edit next to the Vendor record.

  4. Click the Financial subtab.

  5. Click the Items subtab.

  6. Click Import Price List.

    The Import Vendor Price List popup window opens.

  7. Click Browse and navigate to the vendor price list file.

  8. Click Save.

Upon successful import, each item from the imported vendor price list is listed on the Items subtab with the associated vendor codes and prices. The vendor record also is displayed on the Vendor subtab of each item's record with the vendor name, vendor's item code and purchase price.

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