Using the Approval Routing Feature

Approval Routing enables users with the Administrator role, or the Employee Center role, to designate that specific purchase and expense transactions be approved before they are processed. Create an approval hierarchy to designate approvers for employees and set approval limits for expense reports, purchase requests, and purchase orders.


If you enable Approval Routing for specific purchase and expense transactions, you can only approve 25 of those transactions at a time.

To use this method, enable Setting up Approval Routing. You do not use SuiteFlow workflows with this feature.

You can incorporate the Approval Routing feature into your workflow to process the following transaction types:

After an employee enters an expense report, purchase request, or time transaction, the approval routing workflow may require additional processing depending on the following:

For example, an employee enters a purchase request for a new computer that costs $5000.00. According to our approval routing rules, the employee's supervisor must approve all purchase orders costing more than $500.00. After approval the request is forwarded to purchasing for processing.


A supervisor must have access to the Employee Center to give approval. An administrator can add the Employee Center role to an employee record.

Setting up Approval Routing

To use the Approval Routing feature, a user with the Administrator role must enable Approval Routing, assign roles, to employees, designate an approver, and set approval limits.

To use approval routing:

  1. Enable the Approval Routing feature.

    1. Go to Setup > Company > Setup Tasks > Enable Features.

    2. In the Employees subtab, check the Approval Routing checkbox.

    3. Click Save.

  2. Assign Assigning Roles to an Employee.

  3. Designate Supervisors, Approvers, and Approval Limits on employee records.

  4. Set Supervisors, Approvers, and Approval Limits.


To maintain the hierarchy of an approval routing, enter all expense reports and purchase requests through the Employee Center. This includes employees with other roles.

For example, your A/P clerk has the ability to enter purchase requests in the A/P Clerk role. However, to maintain proper approval routing, your A/P clerk must change from the A/P Clerk role to the Employee Center to enter a purchase request. The A/P clerk's supervisor can then approve the purchase request by logging in to the Employee Center.

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