Approval Routing

NetSuite Approval Routing helps your organization define who can approve employee purchase transactions and limit approval amounts by authorizer level and department. This feature helps you to control spending by allowing managers to better understand your organization’s approval process. Increased cost awareness helps management and staff work together to reduce unnecessary spending.


Whether you use the Approval Routing feature or use SuiteFlow, the setting you choose for approvals applies to all users in your company.

Posting Period for Transactions Subject to Approval

When posting transactions are subject to approval, the posting period is set upon approval of the transaction. (Non-posting transactions do not have a posting period.) The Posting Period value shown for transactions that are pending approval is subject to change when the transaction is approved.

The Posting Period value you see for transactions that are pending approval depends on your role, accounting preferences, and the status of the period as follows:

  • If the period that maps to the transaction date is open and not locked, you see that period in the Posting Period field.

  • If the period that maps to the transaction date is open but locked and your role includes the Override Period Restrictions permission, that period is displayed as the Posting Period.

  • If the matching period is open but locked and your role does not include the override permission, the system behaves as if the period is closed.

  • If the matching period is closed, the value you see for Posting Period is either the first open period or the current period. The accounting preference Default Posting Period When Transaction Date in Closed Periods determines which period is displayed.

When you approve a posting transaction, you can select a different Posting Period than the one initially displayed. You cannot select a closed period. You may be able to select an open and locked period if your role includes the Override Period Restrictions permission.

When you save the approved transactions, you may see warnings or errors, depending on the transaction and the settings of other accounting preferences. The following accounting preferences also affect the posting period. For details, see General Accounting Preferences.

  • Allow Transaction Date Outside of Posting Period

  • Create and Edit Inventory Transactions Dated in Closed Period

  • Allow Inventory Transactions Dated Outside the Posting Period

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