Consolidated Quotas and Forecasts in OneWorld

With NetSuite OneWorld, you can track sales totals across subsidiaries, set quotas, and analyze the sales forecasts for your global organization.

Consolidated Quotas

When establishing a sales quota, you must select a subsidiary or a consolidated subsidiary. This subsidiary or consolidated subsidiary determines which sales count towards the quota.

To create a quota, go to Transactions > Quota/Forecast > Establish Quotas, and then select a sales rep. In the Subsidiary field, select the subsidiary or consolidated subsidiary on which you want to base the quota.

If you select a consolidated subsidiary, sales made for the parent subsidiary and all of its child subsidiaries count toward the quota. If you select a single subsidiary, only the sales made for that subsidiary count toward the quota.

Consolidated Sales Forecasting

When sales reps save their forecasts, they can choose the subsidiaries for which they are saving their forecasts.

When you select a subsidiary, the sales forecast represents the rep's forecast for the parent subsidiary and all of its child subsidiaries. The sales rep's quota for that subsidiary is shown in the Quota field.

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