Employee and Partner Commission in OneWorld

With NetSuite OneWorld, employees and partners can earn commission for sales made for any subsidiary.

Commission schedules have a subsidiary field. Commission plans can include any commission schedules, regardless of the subsidiary chosen on those schedules.

If you base a commission schedule on a quota, you must have a quota entered for the selected subsidiary.

Transactions made for the selected subsidiary, or for any child subsidiaries, are used to calculate commissions for sales reps assigned to the commission schedule. Commission schedule amounts are entered in the base currency of the selected subsidiary. NetSuite uses the consolidated exchange rates table to calculate values for transactions for other subsidiaries with different base currencies.

When employees or partners make sales for an unassigned subsidiary, NetSuite generates commission based on the following:

Sales reps from different subsidiaries can be assigned to sales managers from the same or other subsidiaries. The sales for subordinate sales reps roll up to the sales manager. NetSuite uses the consolidated exchange rates between the subsidiaries for the period in which the sales transaction is booked.

For more information about employee and partner commissions in NetSuite OneWorld, see the following help topics:

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