Partner Commissions & Royalties

The NetSuite Partner Commissions/Royalties feature enables you to create commission plans that automatically calculate and pay commission to your partners.

To begin using the Partner Commissions/Royalties feature, do the following:

  1. Have an administrator enable the Partner Commissions/Royalties feature at Setup > Company > Enable Features > CRM.

  2. Set your commissions preferences at Setup > Sales > Sales Management > Commissions.

    These preferences determine how and when you pay commissions and affect all commissions set up in NetSuite.

    For more information, see Commission Preferences.

  3. Create partner commission schedules at Lists > Commissions > Partner Schedules > New.

    Commission schedules define the rules that determine how commissions are calculated. Schedules can be based on total sales, percentage of quota met, quantity sold, total profit, or on profitability.

    For more information, see Partner Commission Schedules.

  4. Create and assign partner commission plans at Lists > Commissions > Partner Plans > New.

    Partner commission schedules are placed in commission plans that are assigned to your partners. You can include multiple commission schedules in a single plan, and you can assign more than one partner to a plan. You cannot, however, assign a partner to more than one commission plan for the same date range.

    For more information, see Partner Commission Plans.

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