NetSuite Access Overview

Access to NetSuite data and to the NetSuite user interface is based on users, roles, and permissions:


A user is an individual who has access to a NetSuite account.

For information about creating and setting up different user types, see Manage Different Types of Users.


A role is a defined access configuration that can be assigned to users.

NetSuite Account Access

The person who signs up for a NetSuite account is automatically assigned the Administrator role. The user with the Administrator role has full privileges to all aspects of the system and usually is the person who sets up account access by assigning roles to users.


Users need the SuiteAnalytics Connect permission for access to the NetSuite SuiteAnalytics Connect schema. See Connect Permissions.

Internal Controls for NetSuite Access

To achieve effective internal controls, you will need a combination of both automated and manual controls that both prevent and detect misstatements or misappropriation of assets. Companies have several responsibilities for establishing good general controls for NetSuite applications.

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